My Training

  • I served as a postdoctoral research associate at the Environmental Change Initiative at the University of Notre Dame. My research focused on bioeconomic analysis of management and policy responses to biological invasions in the Great Lakes.
  • I earned my PhD in the lab of Dr. David Lodge at the University of Notre Dame. My dissertation was entitled Prediction, detection, and management of aquatic invasions.
  • I received my BA in Biology with a minor in Sociology from Southwestern University. As an undergraduate, I completed an honors thesis researching the fecundity of invasive applesnails in the lab of Dr. Romi Burks.

Additional Activities

  • I am an associate editor for the open-access, peer-reviewed, international scientific journal, Management of Biological Invasions.
  • I am co-creator and editor of which provides collection tips, recipes, and the latest news about eating invasive species. The novelty of such strange meals provides an excellent jumping-off point for public outreach and education regarding biological invasions and environmental stewardship!

Other Acknowledgements

I have collaborated with a LOT of brilliant people! My coauthors include:

Jenny Apriesnig, Tracy Arcella, Ashley Baldridge, Dima Beletsky, Brandon Boland, Jon Bossenbroek, Milan Budhathoki, Stas Burgiel, Romi Burks, Lindsay Chadderton, Hsueh-Chia Chang, Dave Choate, Roger Cooke, Todd Crowl, John Darling, Elise DeBuysser*, Andy Deines, Jianqing Ding, John Drake, Scott Egan, Jeffrey Feder, David Finnoff, Rebecca Fordham, Claudia Fosalba, Crysta Gantz, Rachel Gentile, Francesca Gherardi, Laura Grieneisen, Jennifer Hand, David Hoekman, Mike Hoff, Geoffrey Howard, Jennifer Howeth, C-T Hwang, Rich Jensen, Christopher Jerde, Stuart Jones, Doug Keller, Reuben Keller, Andrew Kramer, Eric Larson, Frank Li, David LodgeAndrew Mahon, Nick Mandrak, Felix Martinez, Doran Mason, Nestor Mazzeo, Lindsey McAlarnen*, Mariana Meerhoff, Matt Michel, Tammy Newcomb, Anna Noveroske*, Christopher Patrick, Brett Peters, Jody Peters, Michael Pfrender, Chelse Prather, Matthew Purcell, Mark Renshaw, John Rothlisberger, Janine Ruegg, Steven Ruggiero, Ed Rutherford, Lindsey Sargent, Robert Schafer, Satyajyoti Senapati, Paul Simonin, Carol Tanner, Andrew Tucker, Cameron Turner, Travis Warziniack, Marion Wittmann, Charles Xu, Darren Yeo, Yiwen Zeng, Hongyan Zhang, and Jialiang Zhang

*Denotes mentored students

My outstanding colleagues in the Department of Natural Resources Management at Texas Tech University include: Clint Boal, Scott Collins, Warren Conway, Robert Cox, Brad Dabbert, Bart Durham, Michael Farmer, Nathan Gill, Phil Gipson, Kerry Griffis-Kyle, Blake Grisham, Samantha Kahl, Reynaldo Patiño, Gad Perry, Lionel Plummer, Carlos Portillo-Quintero, Richard Stevens, Carlos Villalobos, and Mark Wallace.